Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lyrical Poem

This is my Lyrical Poem about time travel. The Songs are seen beside the line of the poem

Lyrical Poem

“He’s gonna take you back to the past” (AVGN Theme, Kyle Justin)

To travel back in time had always been my dream (If I had a time machine, MC Lars)

So I had them send me back to last Thursday (Everything you know is wrong, Weird Al)

When he traveled time for the future of mankind (Iron Man, Black Sabbath)

We gotta go back in time (Back in time, Huey Luis and the News)

It’s gonna be the future soon (The Future Soon, Johnathan Coultan)

I published 16 articles (Time Machine, The Sining Nerd)

But no one seems to care (Time Machine, The Singing Nerd)

This is the future, worse than a dream (Judgement Day, Dual Core)

Always going back in time (Backwards Traveler, The Wings)

Everywhere, Every Year (Any Road, George Harrison)

I feel like we might get home soon (Dude, The Oceanic Six)


This is a sonnet about questions you may ask someone


Hello out there

What’s your name?

What do you have to share?

What’s you fame?

Who are you?

What do you like?

Do you know kung fu?

Do you like to Hike?

What’s up?

Do you like SHMUPS?

If No One Ever Marries Me

This is an If No One Ever Marries Me parody with Dracula

If No One Ever Marries Me

If no one ever marries me

That will be fine

I don’t really care

There is nobody in line

I live alone

In my castle on a hill

I sleep in a coffin

Awaiting my kill

When you walk in

You will then see my house

But don’t snoop around

Because you seem like a mouse

As you have heard

I do not seem real

I’m Dracula

And your my meal

Other Language Poem

This is a Japanese poem about the meaning of life.





Free Verse 3

This is my third free verse poem about Video games and how the media portrays it.

Video Game Poem

Interactive entertainment

Is what they should be called

By why is it?

So many are appalled

Is it because some are bad

But that’s not it at all

What’s wrong with these things?

You can buy at the mall

It must be the media

They hate these a lot

To them

It’s just another battle to be fought

But there’s nothing wrong

With these things we like

There is no reason

To say that into the mike

Free Verse 2

This is another free verse poem and it's a haiku about zombies

Zombie Haiku

They may be living

Yet they do not live like us

They are the undead

Free Verse 1

This is my first free verse poem and it's about... MOVIES


What can take you away to another place?

Another time, another situation

In what can you laugh, cry, and be scared

All in 2 hours

Movies take you by surprise

Movies are fun to watch

They can make you happy and sad

All in one running time

From feature films to short films

Movies are always a joy

Whether silent or with sound

In color or black and white